Washington Commanders: 2022–23 Team Preview

Commanders 2021–22 Season:

Record: 7–10 (3rd in NFC East)

Off Season:

Key: *=Rookie

  • McLaurin is now a Commander for the next four seasons, and is set to make $22.5 million a year. Terry is a leader on and off the field, and represents the face of a franchise that could use a bit of positive attention every once in a while….
  • I was very disappointed in this pick. I understand that Mathis is a long term cheaper defensive line option if Payne doesn’t get extended, but with guys like Jaquan Brisker, Troy Anderson, and Nakobe Dean on the board at #47, a part of me wonders what the team could be missing out on. I am hopeful Mathis will be a stud and follow in the footsteps of his Bama boys, but I also think Dean is going to be a future all-pro who would’ve taken significant pressure off of Jamin Davis’s development.

2022–23 Depth Chart: Source: ESPN

2022–23 Schedule:

Week 1- Vs Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Week 1 + Week 2: Provide an excellent opportunity for the team to play around with different schemes, make early season mistakes, and still push through and get wins. Hopefully, the team will gain some confidence/familiarity heading into Week 3 against The Eagles.
  • Week 8 + Week 10: Carson Wentz returns to Indianapolis and Philly in a three-week span. It could be a little redemption tour for the 6'5 QB.
  • Week 11-Week 15: This could be a fantastic opportunity for the team to go on a little win streak due to weaker opponents. Washington should be favored in all of these games, and the Week 14 bye should provide the team with proper rest to keep going!
  • Week 16- Week 18: The end of the season is a tough one, closing out with the 49ers, Browns, and Cowboys. Hopefully, if the Commanders need to win big games to clinch the playoffs, they do so before the last three weeks because I do not love any of these matchups. However, Cleveland could become favorable if Watson is suspended for the season, which the NFL will not do.

Team Outlook:

Carson Wentz: Which Carson Wentz are the Commanders starting on Week 1? Is it the 2017 Carson Wentz in Philly? Or is it the Indianapolis Carson Wentz who blew an easy week 18 matchup against the Jags? Honestly, it is most likely the Carson Wentz in the middle. Wentz needs to do everything he possibly can to cut back on turnovers, make smarter decisions, and not force anything. Wentz was a risky acquisition by Washington this offseason. However, there is no denying that he is still an upgrade over Taylor Heinicke and is the best starting QB that Terry McLaurin has had in the past five seasons. So far, the team has reported a fair amount of ups and downs but are very optimistic about #11 being the guy next season.

Ethan’s Prediction: Final Record: 8–9

Despite a favorable schedule and the potential for everything to come together this season, I fear that the Eagles and the Cowboys will be tough opponents for the Commanders this season. I genuinely hope the team exceeds my expectations, but I fear Carson Wentz may not be the solution, and the never-ending cycle of below-average football may reoccur… Fingers crossed for a good season, and regardless of the outcome, the team has a lot of long-term promise and things to be excited about!

Next up: The Philadelphia Eagles. Stay Tuned. Thanks for reading, if any!! Enjoy the weekend.



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