5 QBS In The “Hot Seat” For The 2022–23 NFL Season

Ethan Copeland
8 min readJul 27, 2022


Welcome to the new series, “Hot Seats”, which previews different positional players who are in desperate need of a good season with their current NFL Team. Today I will reveal Quarterbacks. Go Check out the Official Article Here!

Here is the set criteria for what puts a player in the “Hot Seat”:

  • Overall Performance: Past Statistics, Winning Percentage, and Status in the NFL.
  • Front Office View: Contract, Number of NFL Seasons, The Franchises’ Perspective.
  • Talent of Team: The weapons surrounding the player on the offensive side of the ball.
  • Room for Development: The players ability to show promise and flashes that point to growth and development in the future.
  • Uncertain Future: The players could be in extremely different circumstances in the next two-three seasons if they do not take a big leap in the next season or two (depending on the player).

Notes about the List:

  • Comprised of young Quarterbacks who are all under the age of 30 years old.
  • Numbered based on the severity level of the players “Hot Seat”, and how important their 2022–23 performance could be for their future in the NFL.
  • Worry Scale: How I feel about the player and their future, based on a number out of 10, very worried, to 1, not worried at all.

1. Baker Mayfield, 27 Years Old, Carolina Panthers:

2021 Season: 14 GP, 253/418, 60.5 CMP %, 3,010 Yards, 17 TDS, 13 INTS, 37 Rushes, 134 Yards, 1 TD |

2022 Outlook: Baker Mayfield is coming off the worst performance in his career last season with the Browns. The Browns had enough of the 2018 first-overall draft pick and sent him to Carolina for a conditional fifth-round pick, which can turn into a fourth-rounder depending on Baker’s playing time. Mayfield is expected to start for the Panthers in 2022, as he will likely beat Sam Darnold and rookie Matt Corral for the job. This is a make-or-break season for #6 and could determine his status as a reliable NFL starter or an NFL backup. In fairness to Mayfield’s sluggish play last season, he battled a lingering shoulder injury in Week 2 against the Texans. Mayfield underwent surgery after the season and is looking to perform as he did in 2020, where he threw 26 TDs and only 8 Interceptions. Baker has never panned out like the Browns wanted him to, but he was still a decent starter in his last four seasons and led Cleveland to the Divisional round at his peak. As a Panther, Mayfield hopes to redeem his career and start fresh with one of the only franchises willing to give him a shot. Mayfield relies on a rush-heavy offense and will benefit from star RB Christian McCaffrey. Nobody expects Baker to be an All-Pro selection, but he can provide the Panthers with more winning opportunities with increased QB play. He needs to get back to the basics, stick to the ground game, make accurate throws, and eliminate crucial turnovers. I still think that the former 2018 Heisman winner has the skill set to be an efficient NFL starter, but he needs to find the confidence and decision-making skills to do so.

Worry Scale (Out of 10): 8/10- I am a bit biased here since I have always been a big Baker fan, but I worry that his gruesome 2021 NFL Season could be the downfall of his career. I am not sure the situation in Carolina will necessarily help his status, but I am hoping for the best for the 6'0 QB. Regardless of his production this season, Mayfield will always be a viable option for an NFL team, but maybe as a backup if drastic improvements do not occur this season with the Panthers.

2. Daniel Jones, 25 Years Old, New York Giants:

2021 Season: 11 GP, 232/361, 62.8 CMP %, 2,428 Yards, 10 TDS, 7 INTS, 62 Rushes, 298 Yards, 2 TDS |

2022 Outlook: Like Mayfield, Daniel Jones is coming off his worst performance in his career last season. Yes, the Giants were an absolute mess last season, and Jones only played 11 games due to a neck injury suffered against the Eagles, but his performance was so bad that he is 100% on the “hot seat” and could even be #1 on this list over Mayfield. Jones showed promise in his rookie season after being selected as the second QB off the board in the 2019 draft. Despite that promise, Jones has had significant regression these past two seasons and needs an improved 2022–23 season if he wants to stay in New York long-term. The Giants declined Jones’ fifth-year option, meaning the QB is entering his final year with the team. This is a pivotal “prove it” season for the 6'5 Duke Alumni, who needs to find his 2019 form in a hurry. I have never been high on Daniel Jones and think that the Giants will be a candidate for drafting a QB in the early stages of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Worry Scale (Out of 10): 8/10- Daniel Jones has never led the Giants to a season filled with more than six wins in his past three seasons. This is never a statistic that a franchise wants to see when they are re-evaluating their quarterback for a potential contract extension. To make matters worse, the 2023 QB Draft class looks quite appealing, and I cannot visualize a future of the Giants passing up on a CJ Stroud or Bryce Young prospect to keep “Danny Dimes.” I think Jones will be on another team next season as a backup, similar to Steelers QB Mitch Trubisky with the Bears.

3. Tua Tagovailoa, 24 Years Old, Miami Dolphins:

2021 Season: 13 GP, 263/388, 67.8 CMP %, 2,653 Yards, 16 TDS, 10 INTS, 42 Rushes, 128 Yards, 3 TDS |

2022 Outlook: Tua Tagovailoa enters his third season in the NFL after being selected fifth overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. So far, Tua has had a prolonged start to his career but has shown some flashes of potential and promise in 23 games. In his rookie season, Tua split time with veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and helped lead the Dolphins to a 10–6 record. Last season, as the Dolphins QB 1, Tua led the team to a 9–8 overall record but struggled to deliver each week consistently. This offseason was monumental for Miami, as they acquired star WR Tyreek Hill, signed OL Terron Armstead, and added talented receivers and backs like Cedrick Wilson, Chase Edmonds, and Raheem Mostert. This is one of the most talented rosters the franchise has had in a long time, putting a ton of pressure on Tua and his performance at the helm next season. Tua needs to step up in nearly every aspect of his game and lead this team to the playoffs. The Dolphins signed veteran QB Teddy Bridgewater as insurance in case Tagovailoa doesn’t take a leap this year and could be looking for future long-term alternatives if he cannot step up and add value to this highly loaded roster.

Worry Scale (Out of 10): 6/10- I think Tua has shown enough flashes to indicate his skillset to be the guy in Miami. Reports about him have been good so far this offseason, and the team did a tremendous amount of maneuvering to put Tua in the best possible scenario to shine and win big games. I have Tua in my dynasty league and hope he can change his narrative with a breakout season in Miami this year.

4. Jalen Hurts, 23 Years Old, Philadelphia Eagles:

2021 Season: 15 GP, 265/432, 61.3 CMP %, 3,144 Yards, 16 TDS, 9 INTS, 139 Rushes, 784 Yards, 10 TDS |

2022 Outlook: Jalen Hurts enters his third season with the Eagles after stringing together a respectable 2021 Season, in which he led Philly to the playoffs. Hurts took a moderate leap last season and showed steady progression throughout the year. Hurts is on this list due to the tremendous offseason that the Eagles had. Like Tua and Miami, Howie Roseman and the front office did everything they could to build a winning team around Hurts. The former 2020-second-round pick is looking to take his game to the next level and lead the Eagles to a great season. This is by far the best wide receiver room that Hurts has had in his career, and if he can not elevate his game to the next level, the Eagles may be looking at alternatives who can. Additionally, Gardner Minshew is set to backup the 23-year-old QB and has proven that he can get the ball downfield, which should put appropriate pressure on Hurt’s performance this season.

Worry Scale (Out of 10): 3/10- The Eagles would not have made so many offseason acquisitions if they did not have faith in Jalen Hurts. There are many reservations about his past throwing performance and how that limits his potential, but I think Hurts has the talent to remain at the helm this season and beyond! The expectations are sky high for the Oklahoma alum, which is nothing out of the ordinary for the starting Quarterback of Philadelphia.

5. Zach Wilson, 22 Years Old, New York Jets:

2021 Season: 13 GP, 213/383, 55.6 CMP %, 2,334 Yards, 9 TDS, 11 INTS, 29 Rushes, 185 Yards, 4 TDS |

2022 Outlook: The former second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft enters his second season with the Jets after a rocky rookie campaign. Wilson got off to a slow start but showed decent progression throughout the year, giving a lot of hope to a desperate franchise. Wilson is not necessarily in the “hot seat” this season, as he is still very young and the team is still developing, but his play this year will be watched by many. The Jets made a lot of moves this offseason to become more competitive and have done a tremendous job building a youthful and promising roster around their 22-year-old QB. They drafted wide receiver Garret Wilson 10th overall, hoping to create a future “Wilson” duo that will thrive for years. I am not saying that Wilson will be replaced any time soon, but if he cannot elevate his game to help the Jets be more competitive this season, concerns of the BYU Alum being a bust will escalate. One of my good buddies is a die heart Jets fan and has complete faith in Wilson being a candidate for a break-out season and helping New York to an improved season with a bright future for years to come. Light at the end of the tunnel.

Worry Scale: 3/10- I understand that the Jets were horrific last season, and Wilson had very few weapons and time to make plays, but his rookie season stats are not the most appealing. Despite his poor stats, he did show steady progression throughout the year, which could indicate a brighter future for the young stud. Jets fans are praying that Wilson will come out firing this year and shift all of his recent off-season media attention towards his excellent play on the field! Even if Wilson can’t get it going this year, if he shows moderate progression, the Jets will continue to put their efforts towards his development for years to come.

Bonus Candidates:

  • Davis Mills, 23 Years Old, Houston Texans: Could be replaced by a promising 2023 NFL Draft prospect without an improved second season.
  • Jared Goff, 27 Years Old, Detroit Lions: Same boat as Jones and Mills as he could likely be replaced by a rookie QB in the 2023 NFL Draft class.
  • Trevor Lawrence, 22 Years Old, Jacksonville Jaguars: Similar to Zach Wilson in the fact that he had a relatively disappointing rookie season on a horrific Jaguars team. Lawrence is looking to bounce back, and show the same skillset that got him drafted first overall in 2021.

Thank you to my readers, if any! I hope you enjoyed my perspective on certain QBS in the “hot seat”. Stay tuned for more positions to be posted in days to come! Hope y’all have a great week!